iFamily for Tiger 2.378

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.378 has been released.


• Context Diagram – A cosmetic change – when a new person’s name is added by using copy/paste from a web page or word processor, then the data entry field immediately converts the string to plain text.
• Sources Pane – Added keyboard shortcut (R) to add a Source Reference from the current Selected Person to the current Active Source. If no Source is currently Active then it prompts you to activate one.
• Context Diagram and Ancestors/Descendants Diagrams – Added an option to set the main window colours to “Classic Colours” which have a grey title/frame, white background with zero gradient, pale grey dialogs. When a window is inactive the title/frame colour is now a paler shade.
• Ancestors and Descendants Reports – Corrected an error when generating RTFD files where some wrong thumbnail images could occasionally be displayed in the reports.

• Dialog Sizes – Corrected the initial size of the Transcription, Project Views Add/Edit and Dynasty Report dialogs for 13 inch screens.
• Sorting of Accented Characters – The sorts on fields that contain accented characters now use a localised sort so that characters such as O, and Ø (O slash) appear together.
• Export to GEDCOM – Custom tags for latitude, longitude and geocoding are now correctly excluded from the GEDCOM export based on the user’s preference.
• HTML Web Pages – Added a new menu option Reports -> Publish HTML Web Pages which creates an HTML web page for each person plus an index file (index.html). Each web page displays a navigable context diagram plus the database details for the selected person.
• HTML Web Pages – Many options have been included based on user feedback such as font face and size, background colour, random colours, colour gradient, generations of ancestors, width of context diagram, event notes, centred or left justified, inclusion of LDS Temple and Status for events, Source Reference Notes, table borders, exclusion of living and recently dead people (+number of years since death).
• HTML Web Pages – For large databases the Main Index file is split if there are more than 1000 people and the folders for HTMLFiles, Diagrams and Pictures will be split into separate folders when they contain more than 500 files. The HTMLFiles, Diagrams and Pictures are structured into sub folders.
• HTML Web Pages – Each person’s page may contain a Context Diagrams as either a JPEG image or as a Table. The Table option generates much smaller files and is much faster but not as pretty as the JPEG option.

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