Brother’s Keeper 6.2.74

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.74 has been released.


• The report: Lists, Locations with Events has a new option to not show the BK code numbers.
• Other, Reasonable check, will ingore ending ) for a date. So if born date is (cir 1800) then ignore the ) at end so that it computes the correct age.
• GEDCOM export, if option is set to exclude data for living people, and if born and died are both blank for a person, then it looks at spouses, children, or parents birth date to make an estimate as to age of person.
• On some reports like the Tree and Box charts where you can press ALT+F5 to set the paper size, you can now also use ALT+SHIFT+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+F5 since ALT+F5 was not working on some computers.


• File, Utility, Global search and replace, Pictures, a change was made to help it change pictures attached to sources (might not have been working for everyone).
• On the Indented Book report, if making an RTF file, the words (see children above) were being indexed, but should not have been.
• On the Indented Book report, if making an RTF file, and if picked the option for Henry numbers and No Indents it was still doing indents.

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