Ancestral Quest 12.00.14

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Ancestral Quest 12.00.14 has been released.


• Quick Entry – In addition to the Quick Entry that has been available in AQ since version 3, a new “Simple” Quick Entry was added. For some users, this style of Quick Entry may seem easier to use. It only allows for quick entry in the place names. For a user of a PAF database, this is the only quick entry feature which is available.
• Relationships – When using a .aq file, you can show a different relationship for the father and mother. Enhancements were made to the Family view and to several reports to show this split.
• Relationships – Removed the “Smart” handling of relationships. In the past, if you assigned multiple parents to a person, it would default to “Biological” for the first set of parents, then default to “Adopted” for additional parents. Now the default is always “Biological”.
• LDS – When working on a PAF file, adjusted the handling of the “Live LDS Baptism” flag.
• LDS – Added a column to the Name List view and to the Custom Report that will list the LDS ordinance codes.

Bug Fixes:

• Modified Register (and Descendant Web Pages) – If a couple was marked as having no children, this didn’t show in most cases. A sentence now prints.
• Book Reports and Web Pages – If death information for an individual was set to “Dead” or “Deceased”, the sentence describing the death event sometimes did not show properly. This has been fixed.
• DNA – If you added DNA while initially creating a new person who was female, the DNA screen would allow you to enter Y-DNA without warning. The warning is now given.
• Convert from old AQ 2.2 or earlier file (or PAF 2.31 or earlier). If you had used the tags for including contact information in the notes, the notes for that person might not convert.

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