Personal Ancestry Writer II v77

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Personal Ancestry Writer II v77 has been released.

Changes :

• The More Tag menu items Tag People with No Parents, No Partners, No Children, No Relatives and No Vital Information have been moved under the new menu item Tag People with No >, and the More Tag menu items reordered.
• A new menu item Tag People Last Changed on has been added to the More Tag menu. Choosing this menu item tags people who were last changed on a specified date, or within a specified range of dates (e.g., Feb 2008, Aft 15 Feb 2008, 2007/8, 2006-9).
• A person’s record is date-stamped whenever the Enter button is clicked in the Person window (no checking is done to see if anything has really changed). The record is also date-stamped whenever the Enter button is clicked in a person’s note window, and when the Merge button is clicked in a Merge window.

• The date stamp will also be set if it exists in an imported GEDCOM file and will be saved in an exported GEDCOM file.
• Date-stamping is limited to the above cases. A record will NOT be date-stamped when LDS ordinances are added or edited; when records are changed by Find and Replace in All Places or All Notes, when marriage information is changed; when people are added to or removed from families; nor when tagged people are marked as living.
• The date stamp (along with other summary information) in a person’s record can be viewed by holding down the option key and moving the cursor into the person¹s button in the main window, the pedigree window and the descent window, and by option-clicking the person’s entry in the family window.
• An FRIN column has been added to the tab-delimited text file to be imported into a spreadsheet.
• The FRIN column contains the FRIN for marriage events and the parents’ FRIN for the other events (birth, baptism, death and burial). The FRIN is zero-filled and preceded by the letter F. Then sorting the spreadsheet on the FRIN column and within that on the date column will group all the events for each family together (sort of a mini family group record or timeline), normally placing the marriage events for the parents first, followed by the non-marriage events for the children. The sequence of events within a family would of course depend upon having dates entered.
• People who are not children of a tagged parent use their zero-filled RINs preceded by the letter R for their non-marriage events in order to keep those events together and sorted separately from the families. Their rows may be deleted if of no interest.
• All members of the families of interest (both partners and all their children) should be tagged, and at least birth and marriage events should be included in the text file.
• Manually inserting a blank row between families after sorting increases the readability of the spreadsheet.
• The Draft window (command-H) now includes the notes for any partners of the selected person. This more closely approximates the format which appears in reports (at the expense of a bit more time to display).
• The Sex field in the Person window now permits entry of the letter U for unknown gender. If the Sex field is blank when the Enter button is clicked, an alert will ask whether to automatically enter U and close the window or to continue with further data entry in the Person window.
• Places names in HTML pedigrees and descendant lists, both in standalone generated files and in generated web sites, have been expanded to full place names, and an error in descendant lists has been corrected.
• The Reference Guide was updated to reflect these changes.

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