UncleGED 9.01

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

UncleGED 9.01 has been released.


• Added a new option called “HomeEqualsHomePage”. This option setting is found on the Author tab just beneath the “Home Page”. if this option is selected then all “Home” and “Table of Contents” links will point the URI specified in the “Home Page” entry. If this option is not selected then default index.htm becomes the target of “Home” and “Table of Contents”.


• Fixed a problem that has always been in UncleGED where if an individual has more than one NAME entry in the GEDCOM listing UncleGED is using the last NAME entry that it collects from the file.
• Fixed a problem where if the fam prefix was changed to something other than “fam” some links on pages were incorrect.

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