Second Site 2.1

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Second Site 2.1 has been released.


• Made internal changes so that Second Site can process TMG v7 projects.
• Added support for the new printer codes in TMG v7: [:NP:] and [+].
• Added support for interpreting backslashes (””) as escape characters as in TMG v7.
• Added the ability to create the main page content using a Custom Page or SubPage; if you set the Filename to “index” for either a Custom Page or SubPage User Item, that User Item will determine the main page content; please be aware that the resulting page will have a PageSet equal to User Page, not Main Page, and that will affect the use of User Styles, script choices, etc.
• Added the “Does Not Contain”, “Equals” and “Does Not Equal” operators to the Exhibit Gallery text filter.
• Added properties in the Dates section to control the format of parent lifespans on person page entries.
• Renamed properties in the Dates section to indicate their use more accurately.

• Added the Dates.Subject Date Format property to control the format of dates in the subject lifespan separately from other dates in the person page entry.
• Added the Database.Omit Non-Primary Parents property to control whether non-primary parents are included in the site or not.
• Added the Set Page Title to Person’s Name checkbox to control the page title when the People Per Page property is set to 1.


• Changed processing of User Item text and Static Content text:
– Backslash characters must be doubled in those properties to be consistent with backslashes in content that comes from the TMG data.
– Printer codes are now ignored in those properties.
– Second Site checks for backslashes and printer codes in those properties when reading SDF files from previous versions and warns the user when it finds any.
• Changed sentence processing to disable capitalization of words after periods unless the period is present in the TMG sentence template. Periods in sentences are treated as sentence-ending punctuation unless they are escaped; if they are escaped, they are treated as data. See In-sentence Periods.
• Added the Stylesheets.Theme.Simple Blue.footer-text-color property to simplify changing the color of footer text.
• Changed the logic that detects URL in sources; when “&” appears in URLs, Second Site changes “&” to “&” in the visible version of the URL; it does not change ampersands in the HREF parameter.
• Changed sentence processing to allow variable references within the WEB, EMAIL, CIT and PAGELINK codes, for example, [WEB:][PS];surname site[:WEB]. Please note that TMG’s sentence editing window can interfere with adding codes nested in the manner shown above and so it takes care to define sentences with that characteristic.


• Fixed a bug where the “Full, then Short” choice for the Place Format property did not work properly when Detail Format was set to “Raw Data”.
• Adjusted the image scaling feature that is part of creating thumbnail images to correct a problem making thumbnails of GIF images; updated the image processing engine to expand support for certain problematic PNG images.
• Fixed a problem where the primary image icon appeared incorrectly in custom indexes when the person was alive and had a primary image that was suppressed due to Suppress Details for Living People.
• Fixed a problem where duplicating User Items caused duplicate filenames.
• Fixed a problem where changing the enabled state of a User Item did not work properly when pressing the spacebar with a User Item selected in the User Items list.
• Fixed a problem where the tab sequence was incorrect for the Edit Icon Description window and that broke the Alt key processing.
• Fixed a problem where the tab sequence was incorrect for the Edit SubPage window and that broke the Alt key processing.
• Fixed a problem where some SUP HTML elements were coded using uppercase tags and thus caused HTML validation errors when Format.HTML was set to XHTML.

Information for Theme and Format Authors:

• Most Formats were changed as part of adding support for the new Database.Omit Non-Primary Parents property: added an xsl:sort statement so that non-primary parents are sorted after primary parents.

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