Second Site 2.1 build 3

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Second Site 2.1 build 3 has been released.


• Added static content properties to all User Item types that create a single output page, such as SubPage, Custom Index, and others. The new properties allow users to provide page-specific content in various areas in addition to the main content.


• Changed the File > Preferences > Set User Data Folder command; the command now opens a dialog where you can see the current value and change it via the keyboard or by clicking a button to open a “Browse for Folder” window.
• Changed the method used to empty the Output (-o) folder when making the site; this process should be faster than previous versions of Second Site.


• Fixed a bug where using the [:NP:] printer code would add the value of the prior variable to the output and thus cause the same text to appear twice.
• Fixed a bug where Timeline chart content did not appear properly.
• Fixed a bug in Layout “2 Col P Side+Xtra Con” where the content was not aligned properly.
• Fixed a minor problem with the tab-key sequence in the Database and User Items sections.
• Fixed a bug where name styles that included parentheses around name parts would sometimes include the parentheses even if the name part they enclosed was blank.

Information for Theme and Format Authors:

• Changed the Mint Swirl Theme to improve the look of Timeline charts.

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