PhpGedView 4.1.3

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

PhpGedView 4.1.3 has been released.

New features :

• New JavaScript sortable lists and tables.
• New LifeSpan chart.
• New GoogleMap module.
• New ResearchAssistant module.
• Many administrative changes.
• Search and replace option.

Fixes :

• Missing reference to port number in $SERVER_URL.
• Minimal theme – Icons on some Indi page tabs.
• Quick Edit – Name editing rarely works.
• Email/sync with account.
• get_name_in_record() incorrect results.
• No support for Latin-A in Places edit.
• Backup fails, 4.1.2.
• Message to inactive users sent to newcomers.
• Delete one media file – all files with same name deleted.
• Undo Changes Option Missing on Source Page.
• XSS on the “research assistant” page.
• 4.1.1 Hourglass Chart display bug (many other related bug reports).
• 4.01 stable: Hourglass chart doesn’t show all spouses.
• Lightbox in Minimal Theme shows icons.
• Missing Individual Source Data in Media List.
• Indilist/Familylist – Visitor – Error.
• Added GEDCOM configuration search filter.
• Changes Report Form Dates are switched.
• Language specific sort in Sorttable Tables.
• Alive in year: doesn’t recognise death date.
• Clean up mediaviewer output when requested file doesn’t exist.
• Email Report.
• Notes in Notes Tab Truncated.
• “automatically expand notes” option.
• [4.1.2] Quick update links to choose a place.
• Googlemap and apostrophes.
• Fatal error – functions_print_lists, by adding more error checking.
• [4.1.2] Link this person to an existing family as a child.
• Medialist – only show external files when viewing root dir, add option to view files in subdirs.
• CONC Issue in Individual and medialist Page.
• SOUR tab – errors.
• show by year … 3 digit entry doesn’t work.
• Added MARR date on Close Relative tab.
• Show Sources Linked to Events in the Source Tab.
• Added Events of close..” Broken in Firefox if Valid xhtml used.
• Added Events of close relatives : remove duplicates.
• Added Events of close relatives : add nephew/niece.
– Added [ 1564752 ] Shared facts for whole family.

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