Genmod 1.5 stable

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Genmod 1.5 stable has been released.

Changes :

• Added print gedcom title in browser topbar.
• Added add father/mother link to parent fam on indipage.
• Added homesite url link to menubar.
• Added add time to date when adding a new indi.
• Removed add new language from menu.
• Added option to reject the last of more changes to a pid.
• Removed old edit code from various pages.

Fixes :

• Fixed language installation errors.
• Fixed upper/lowercase username errors.
• Fixed error in indilist on non existent first letter.
• Fixed error when GM cannot open mediafile for display.
• Fixed error when Genmod cannot read mediafile for creating thumb.
• Fixed sorting of medialist.
• Fixed missing mimetypes in mimetype detect class.
• Fixed referenced repositories are not added to clipping cart.
• Fixed PRIM and THUM values don’t print for MM link.
• Fixed some layout issues in pedigree boxes.
• Fixed made log messages more consistent (warning/error).
• Fixed cannot switch off highlighted object.
• Fixed format of some editing fields.
• Fixed removed patriarchlist from menu.
• Fixed menu_help error after clean install.
• Fixed MM link from sanitycheck.
• Fixed error writing to logfile on some installations.
• Fixed new indi fact is added to indi’s family.
• Fixed viewlog prints backslashes in names.
• Fixed printing of source DATA and DATE on indi source tab.
• Fixed force bot language to gedcom language.
• Fixed tab order in soundex search fields.
• Fixed bot can change language.
• Fixed caching problem with accept/reject changes.
• Fixed source tab on indipage doesn’t hide.
• Fixed check bom layout.
• Fixed source citation to all facts excludes citation details.
• Fixed display of This Person when individual is deleted.
• Fixed error on individual page when pid does not exist.
• Fixed [ 1800544 ] 1.5 B2 editlang.php, Undefined variable: GM_IMAGES.
• Fixed page layout for viewlog.
• Fixed custompage adds instead of edit.
• Fixed long url printing in notes.
• Fixed MM link in random media should link to mediadetail.
• Fixed edit marriage shows marriage type twice.
• Fixed error in fanchart.
• Fixed Source citation with edit fact gets wrong fields.
• Fixed Find does not find repositories.
• Fixed Unified layout of repository page.
• Fixed incorrect source count on media detail page.
• Fixed deadlock in accept changes: new record plus extra facts.
• Fixed family page gives error on added/deleted fam.
• Fixed layout and added media totals to source page.
• Fixed tab order in search.

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