Atiz BookSnap helps to digitize your books

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Atiz Innovation, Inc.,the leaders in automatic content digitization, today announced the release of BookSnap, the first digital book ripper designed for individual consumers. BookSnap transforms printed books into the widely available PDF format, allowing users to access their favorite books on common devices such as a laptop, PDA or eBook reader – anywhere and at any time.

With a price of $1,595 – compared to commercially focused products that cost upwards of $20,000 – and the ability to digitize books at rate of 500 pages per hour, the BookSnap is set to transform the way in which consumers digitally convert and access books and other printed material.


Just as the MP3 became the foundation for the digital music industry, the PDF is a prerequisite for the eBook reading device industry to take off. BookSnap represents the first attainable consumer solution to make this happen.

“We designed the BookSnap for people who have always wanted to digitize their personal libraries but haven’t had a viable way to do it – until now,” said Nick Warnock, president, Atiz Innovation. “We sat down and said, ‘Can we innovate reading?’ How do we take what we are doing with our professional products and make a version tailored to the consumer?’ The result gives archival power to everyone, and changes the way people convert and access their books collections.”

Major features of the BookSnap include:

• Quantity – You don’t have to waste days just to scan a single book. BookSnap digitizes books at a rate of 500 pages per hour, making the scanning process much faster than traditional scanners.

• Quality – The flat images generated by BookSnap look much better than the curled pages generated by flatbed or overhead scanners and yield higher accuracy when converted to text using OCR software.

• Spread the word – BookSnap can output to PDF format, allowing users to read their favorite books on devices such a as a notebook, PDA or eBook reader – anywhere, anytime.


Featuring a V-shaped book cradle, BookSnap allows for face-up scanning and keeps handling to a minimum, thereby reducing wear and tear on books. The cradle utilizes a unique auto-centering feature, which eliminates “margin crawl” issues that are common with typical scanners. All output files will have consistent margins and borders.


A complete software package is included with BookSnap and completely automates the ripping process, making it as simple as the push of a button. In addition, the BookSnap Editor allows for post-ripping processing, including cropping, page resizing, brightness adjustment and DPI settings. In addition to PDF, BookSnap can output files to JPEG and TIFF formats.

Pricing & Compatibility

The price of BookSnap is $1,595. It is compatible with various models of Canon digital cameras on the market today including Canon Powershot G7, Canon Powershot A640, Canon Powershot A620, Canon Powershot S80, and Canon Powershot S3 IS.

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