Ancestral Quest 12.00.12

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Ancestral Quest 12.00.12 has been released.

Enhancements :

• Web pages – were altered to generate in UTF-8 rather than Unicode-16.
• New Fields – Phonetic and Romanized names were added to the “More” individual data screen. These are for use in Asian languages.
• Date Ranges – In earlier versions, dates between 3000 BC and 3000 AD were accepted. Now dates between 6000 BC and 3000 AD are accepted.

Fixes :

• Family Reunion Contact – report was not generating the file.
• Web Pages – On some pages, if a background was not selected, the header was duplicated.
• Descendant Charts – If one spouse was set as “Confidential”, that spouse showed up even if the confidential setting was unchecked.
• Book Reports to RTF file – Some special ANSEL characters were not displaying correctly.
• Book Reports (Modified Registered) – “Never Married” was not always working correctly.
• DNA – If you set the display to Condensed before saving, some of the entries could be lost.
• Family Group Record – If the option was selected to print empty child boxes, and the youngest child was printed on the first page of the report, and the option to print notes on the 1st page was selected, in some cases the first part of notes would print on the first page before the empty child boxes, then be repeated after the child boxes.
• Dropline Descendant Chart – If certain items (such as tagged notes) were selected, the program would crash when attempting to print this chart.
• Custom Report – The report to file is now in Unicode, but the Unicode Byte Order Mark was not being written, causing some other programs to not be able to read the report.

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