UncleGED 8.07

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

UncleGED 8.07 has been released.

Fixes :

• Fixed problem where some GEDCOMs contain references to “dummy” individuals and the RIN = “@I0@” – found this problem in files produced by Ancestor Quest, FamTreesQE.
• Fixed problem where some GECDOMs can contain invalid dates such as “?” – found in file produced by Kith And Kin.
• Worked around problem with reading GEDCOM files produced by ROOTSIII – has unusual way of its use of SOURCE entries – not sure what this is all about.
• Found and fixed problem when reading GEDCOM files produced by The Family Edge Plus – embedded CR in GEDCOM line.
• ind_idx.html showed “copyright © yyyy” instead of the actual year (fixed in 8.06).

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