iScrapbook 1.5.1

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iScrapbook 1.5.1 has been released.

Changes :

• Now runs under Tiger and Leopard.
• Holding down the shift key while resizing a photo now always keeps the photo correctly proportioned.
• Made displaying of page thumbnails much faster.
• When a large page is selected, we immediately load a page “preview” while the actual page is being loaded (so the user doesn’t have to look at the previously selected page or a blank screen).
• Added the ability to create letter and A4 albums in landscape orientation (previously landscape pages had to be set up as a custom size).

• Renamed the “Color Wash” effect as “Tint”. Also added Tint controls to the Color tools in the inspector window when an image is selected.
• When a background image is set for a page and proportional scaling is selected, it now completely covers the background.
• When an album is deleted, it is moved to the trash. If the user changes their mind, it can be dragged out of the trash and double-clicked to add it back to the scrapbook library.
• EPS images aren’t a native image format on Mac OS X although they can be displayed with the help of a converter. The converter is very slow so as soon as an EPS image is added to a design, we convert it to a PDF.
• New built-in updater system allows the application to be automatically updated without downloading and running an installer application.

Fixes :

• When “Define as Image Placeholder” was called for a non-rectangular shape (eg. a circle), the shape was replaced with a rectangle.
• The up/down buttons in the template selector window weren’t working.
• Photo objects (photos with a built-in mask for a transparent background) sometimes appeared with white backgrounds.
• High resolution images occasionally were drawn at low resolution.
• Standalone inspector windows were sometimes being incorrectly repositioned under the selected graphics (standalone inspectors shouldn’t move).

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