GenealogyAgent: Monitor the Internet for Your Hard-to-Find Ancestors

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

A new Web site makes it easier to monitor the Internet for your hard-to-find ancestors. The GenealogyAgent Web site has GenealogyAgents that use the details that you provide about your ancestor (birth, death, parents, siblings, etc.). The GenealogyAgents then act on your behalf to regularly check for changes related to those details on the Internet.

“If you are tired of repeatedly checking the same Web sites or conducting the same searches only to find the information for an ancestor has not changed, we can help,” according to Doug Barry, the site’s Webmaster. “It is not much fun when you keep hitting a brick wall while trying to find new information. Our GenealogyAgents are designed to help you monitor Web sites and conduct multiple genealogy site searches for any changes related to your ‘brick-wall’ ancestors.”

As an introductory offer, you can have the GenealogyAgents at monitor the Internet for two ancestors for one year at no cost to you.

“The site is the latest in a series of sites that I have created as I progressed in my own genealogical research,” noted Doug Barry. “I am now at the point of having ‘brick-wall’ ancestors. It becomes tedious to keep searching the Internet when you might find something new a few times in a year. So, I wrote this site to help me catch those new details and I am sure it can help others.”

About Doug Barry

Doug Barry is the principal at Barry & Associates, Inc. His professional work involves advanced software systems. His professional hobby, however, is genealogy. Since 2000, Barry & Associates has created a series of Web sites that make it easier to search your genealogy on the Internet. These sites are designed primarily for people just beginning their research:

Family Tree Searcher. This site allows you to enter your ancestor information just once to search family trees at eight online family tree databases.

Free Genealogy Search Advice. This site will ask you questions about what you already know about your ancestors. A simple artificial intelligence program uses your answers to create a free, customized plan for going forward with your research.

Free Genealogy Search Help for Google. This site creates a series of different searches using tips or “tricks” that will likely improve your results when using Google(TM) to find ancestry information.

Genealogy Fast Track. This site has a series of easy-to-use decision charts to help you get started with your research.

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