iFamily for Tiger 2.235

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.235 has been released.

Changes :

• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added right click pop-up menu items to contract/expand branches of the hierarchy. The keystoke equivalents are Shift+LeftArrow and Shift+RightArrow. The keystrokes for nudging have been changed from Shift+ArrowKey to Option+ArrowKey.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : Added a Find function that locates and highlights a selected person in the current Ancestors/Descendants diagram.
• Ancestors and Descendants Diagrams : The minimum value for the column width stepper is now 0.2 (previously it was 0.5).

• Downloading the Latest Release : Every 30 days iFamily for Tiger will remind you to check if a new release is available.
• Context Diagram : Prefixed a gender symbol to the Selected Person’s name.
• Context Diagram : Added an option to display the default picture for each person in the Context Diagram. They are very small and are only intended to indicate that a default picture exists or does not exist.
• Context Diagram : Corrected a bug when entering accented characters into the ghost boxes.
• Reports : Corrected remaining reports for Polish and Czech characters.
• Events Pane : Enhanced the display of events to include children and spouses’ events when there is no death date for the Selected Person. In this case a note will be added to indicate that the Selected Person has no death date – to warn you that these events may not all have occurred during the Selected Person’s lifetime.
• Fonts and Character Sets : For technical reasons the Arial font is used by iFamily for Tiger in a number of places. You will be now warned if the required fonts have been disabled and you will be advised how to enable them.

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