Gedcom Census 5.4

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Gedcom Census 5.4 has been released.

Changes :

• In Windows Vista, Gedcom Census didn’t always spot when the GEDCOM file has been saved in Family Historian and so didn’t reload the file. This has now been fixed.
• The help file has been updated to work with HTML Help so that it can be used in Windows Vista.
• On the census flag form, if the flag name was chosen before the flag date an error occurred with the saved flags.

• When a flag name is created an associated flag code is generated. Previous versions of Gedcom Census did not appreciate that this code had a maximum length and other rules which have to be followed. Flag codes should now be generated correctly.
• Finally tracked down a problem which had been reported a couple of times regarding flag creation. If flagcheck ran when the program started it could add or remove flags. Then if flagcheck was run again manually it would spot the same problems again as the file hadn’t been reloaded. Gedcom Census will now reload the file if changes are made using flagcheck during startup.
• The source text popup window (accessed by clicking the tall/narrow buttons to the right of the source text and source note) now word-wraps.
• Added an additional cancel button on the Census Images screen to enabled the saving of the census to be cancelled and return to the main census editing screen.
• Fixed an error which occurred if Flag Check finds a census entry with no place recorded and it isn’t clear by the census date which flag should be applied (e.g. UK 1901 or Canada 1901 as they are on same date).

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