iFamily for Tiger 2.200

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.200 has been released.

New features :

• Context Diagram – Disconnect Person : The pop-up menu option in the context diagram for Disconnect Person has been reactivated – in the meantime please use the new main menu option People – Disconnect Person.
• Context Diagram – Font Size for Focal Person’s Children : When the Focal Person has many children the font size for his/her children is now larger.
• Events Editor Dialog : Corrected the position of the Event Type field when the dialog is resized. Also enlarged the field for Cause of Death.

• Add Unconnected Person : Minor enhancements to the dialog for Add Unconnected Person.
• Delete Person : Corrected an occasional freeze that occured after a person had been deleted. The freeze was reported by 3 people. It required a certain set of conditions to be present for the freeze to occur, otherwiae the Delete Person function was OK.
• Promote Focal Person : Added a menu option People -> Promote to Focal Person. This does the same as “Double click on any person in the context diagram” or “AppleKey+Click on any person in the context diagram” or “AppleKey+any Arrow key” or “Right click and select Promote” or “Using the toolbar Search Field” or “Using the toolbar Previous Focal People” or “Using the People Index and the Focal Person button”.
• Pictures Pane – Copy and Paste : Added a new pop-up menu option to copy any picture (as a thumbnail or original image) to the clipboard so it can be then pasted into another application such as a word processor. The clipboard data also includes a PasteboardType called “iFamilyPictureData” that contains textual data for the picture. (This textual data requires programming skills to access and be useful).
• Export to GEDCOM : Added option to export Focal Person + Descendants.
• Picture Editor : Added an option to set the cropping mode to: As Cropped, Square, Portrait 6 x 4, Portrait 4 x 3, Landscape 6 x 4 or Landscape 4 x 3.
• Picture Editor : Added controls for the thumbnail image for Sharpening, Exposure, Gamma, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, and Sepia.
• Picture Editor : Added rotation controls.
• Picture Editor : Corrected the handling of compressed image files.
• Import from GEDCOM : Added special handling for Heredis file names in OBJE links by ignoring the :images: prefix.
• Selection of Tabs in the Lower Pane of the Main Window : The lower pane in the main window can now be switched using keystrokes. Option+Apple+RightArrow selects the next tabview item and Option+Apple+LeftArrow selects the previous tabview item.

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