PAF Insight 2007.5.16

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

PAF Insight 2007.5.16 has been released.

Enhancements :

• French Translation is included in this version. This will only show if Windows is set to use French.
• Cache is created with IGI searches, making it very fast to redo the search on an individual. Because of this, you can now do a long search, exit PAF Insight, and come back later to update your records, because the search results will appear almost immediately when you do the search again.
• Set your preferences for how long to keep the IGI cache.
• When starting PAF Insight from the Tools menu of PAF, PAF will exit. When PAF Insight is exited, PAF will restart.
• Added to the View menu the ability to view the current file in PAF while running PAF Insight.
• Partial compatibility with extra data put in PAF 5 files by Ancestral Quest and PAF WIZ.
• A warning is given when extra data put in PAF 5 files by Ancestral Quest and PAF WIZ is not preserved.
• You can now use the Find feature for places in Edit Places mode.
• Added Find Next and Find Previous.
• Updated the default window arrangements.
• Added the ability to enable Archiving in Family History Centers

Fixes :

• Date fix, “Not Married” is now recognized as a valid date entry.
• Fixed some problems with selecting places in Edit Places mode, and selecting individuals.
• Fixed some problems with citation merge choices.
• Fixed some display issues.
• Fixed handling of FamilySearch errors so that after several retries PAF Insight will report a failure and go on to the next search.
• Translates most Latin Extended A and Latin Extended B characters into characters that FamilySearch can handle.

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