iFamily for Tiger 2.108

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

iFamily for Tiger 2.108 has been released.

Changes :

• Enhanced to reject two corrupt Gedcom Tags from a.n.other family tree application that were previously allowed to be imported.
• Added main menu options for People – Delete Person and People – Disconnect Person.
• Added main menu option File – Move Data Directory to allow the user to move the default location of the iFamilyForTigerData folder out of their Home Folder.
• The automatic Family Name function now recognises suffixes such as Jr, Sr, I, II, III, …., XX.
• Images dropped into iFamily from Ancestry.com are now renamed from image.x.JPG to a name containing the dropped-on person’s name.
• Added menu option People – ToDo List. The shortcut to the ToDo List is Option+Apple+T. The single character T will also work if the context diagram has the focus, i.e. no data field is currently being edited.
• Added menu option People – Add Unconnected Person, An unconnected person is someone who is related to no-one.
• Added menu option Window – ScratchPad. The shortcut to the ScratchPad is Option+Command+S or simply S if the context diagram has the focus, i.e. no field is currently being edited.
• On large databases this report is now generated (and scrolls) much faster.
• Corrected a bug in Version 2.100 that could occasionally cause a crash or freeze – only reported by one user.
• Corrected an error in the right click pop-up menu in Pictures pane of main window.

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