Best cheap skateboards in 2022 for less than $500

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Skateboarding for transportation on the street is now all too frequent in Industrialized countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, but it is less so in Asia.

However, the tendency of using skateboards to go around is progressively expanding. In recent years, young people all around the world have been increasingly interested in the trend of using e-board. Here are some suggestions for the best and cheapest popular esk8 options on the market today to assist you in choosing the ideal skateboard style for you.

Backfire G2 Black


It must be said that this is a cheap skateboard with extremely outstanding quality that I would recommend to you. For only about $ 429 you can own an extremely impressive e-board.

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There is a flexible acceleration curve with a top speed of up to 24mph / 38km/h within a range of 12.5 miles / 20km. Next, is a deck made from composite maple that is designed to be close to the ground and has sufficient curvature and stiffness. This hardwood layer provides stable riding without losing balance when riding as well as a very slight convex shape suitable for acceleration.

It is impossible not to mention the 96mm 83A, so driving in terrain with many small obstacles such as gravel, rocks or rough roads does not make this type of wheel difficult.

If you are looking for an e-board to travel long distances such as to work, school, or for a walk, do not hesitate to choose this baby. You only need to charge for 3.5 hours and you can comfortably go where you want to go.

enSkate R3 Mini

Surely many of you have not heard of this e-board company, but take a look at its extremely good features below to see if you consider buying this one.

First, it is suitable for those who want to use it to move with a maximum range of about 12 miles / 20km/h instead of walking, you can refer to this one. With a speed not too fast 20mph / 35km, newbies who want to change to esk8 can also consider it.

Because it is quite compact and light, it is very convenient to carry anywhere. Instead of walking, you can buy it to make your trip more comfortable.

If you are afraid of running out of power, rest assured that it only takes 2 hours to charge and you can continue to drive home. At around $479, this is one of the e-boards included in this list.

enSkate R2


Another brand with enSkate R3 Mini is enSkate R2 with an extremely cheap price of only $399. So how is it different from the R3 Mini?

Here the highlight is the slightly better top speed of 22mph / 35km/h in a range of 15 miles / 24km. Isn't it surprising that it's cheaper and faster? Next is the flexible and supple 7-layer Maple Canadian floor material for a smooth ride as well as 90mm wheels that are easy to go on any road.

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The remote is very simple to operate and includes an LED display that displays your pace, range, battery capacity, and riding mode. So you don't need to worry too much when the battery runs out because after just 2 hours of charging you can go anywhere.

However, this esk8 is not very suitable for hill climbing although it is still climbable but not too powerful.

Maxfind Max One

If your kids also want an electric skateboard, this is an extremely affordable product with a very cheap price of only 300$ that you can buy already.

There's nothing unsafe about it with a top speed of just 14mph / 26km/h in a 9-mile / 15km range. Besides, it has a 1x 350W Hub motor, so it only takes 1 hour to charge and your child can play comfortably all day. When the battery runs out, recharge again, extremely convenient.

The second is the floor material is a nylon/fiberglass composite with 75mm wheels, so the size is extremely compact and convenient for children to carry. However, it is only suitable for children with a payload of less than 65kg because if it is above, it will reduce the acceleration performance of this esk8.

It is suitable for children to use skates in the neighborhood, on-campus, or in places where long distances are not required.

Voyager Neutrino

This is the last e-board on this list. The price is really shocking at only $ 200, you can own it right away. Like Maxfind Max One, this board is also very suitable for children.

Measuring just 28" x 7.5" and a fairly light board weight of about 9.5lbs, it's easy for your kids to carry around. It also provides your child with a moderate top speed of 12mph/19km/h for a range of 7 miles/11km. So when they drive too fast, don't worry too much. Just reminding them to wear protective gear is fine.

Similarly, this 75mm wheel is quite small but suitable for turning. Because the wheels are small, you should advise your child not to go to places with a lot of rough roads.

Once your child has mastered this board, then consider buying a higher-quality one. Always support your child's passion!

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I'd like to share with you some of the most well-known and popular electric skateboard brands available these days. I hope you discover the finest model to help you gain your skateboarding experience!
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