My Familys Genealogy (Help greatly appreceated)

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I am working on some of my husbands family that are Austins - some similar areas not sure this is any help but I am glad to share it with you.

His grandmother was Isabelle Austin born 9/24/1882 in Greenwood Co KS and died 6/2/1968 in Fredonia KS. Married Albert Blanck 1/13/1904 Burlington, Coffey Co KS

Isabelle was the 20th of 21 children of Jefferson Crawford Austin. (I only have 2 wives but family story says there were 3).
Jefferson was born 3/28/1830 in Hardscrabble, Grant WI (Hazel Green) and died 1/21/1921 in Dunlap Twp Harper Co OK, burrient in Lamont, Lena Valey Cem Greenwood Co KS.

Spouses I have are: Evelyn (Eveline) Echols b 1832 d 1856/57 married 6/23/1853 in Lewsiton Fulton Co IL and Catharine Childers (Childears) b. 10/3/1841 and d. 9/17/1902. Married 11/26/1857 In Lewistown Fulton Co IL ( I have found the IL marrage records for these two)
Almira Austin b. 8/4/1856 d. 8/10/1932 High Point Buffalo OK
Pauline Ann Austin b. 10/5/1858 Lewsiton IL, d. 10/5/1945 Misho Hidalogo Co TX
Rettie Austin b. 11/29/1858 Fulton Il d. 11/29/1858
Allison Lincoln Austing b. 12/6/1860 Lewiston Fulton IL d. 3/5/1947 Wichita Sedgick Co KS
Amanda Austin b. 12/22/1861 Lewsiton Fulton IL, d. 10/28/1936 Lamont, Greenwood Co KS
Charles Emery Austin b. 2/4/1863 Lewiston Fulton IL d. 9/22/1933 Englewood Clark CO KS
Rachel Alvina Austin b. 11/6/1865 Lewiston Fulton IL d. 2/5/1948 Ok. City Ok Co OK
Thomas Myron Austin b. 12/20/1866 Lewiston Fulton IL d. 10/29/1933 Buffalo Harper Co KS
Nathaniel Austin b. 2/7/1838 Lewiston Fulton IL d. 12/20/1938 Lamont, Greenwood Co KS
Marsillis Alice Austin b. 8/19/1869 Lewiston Fulton Co IL d. 9/18/1969 Lamont Greenwood Co KS
Alexander Austin b. 12/24/1870 Lewiston Fulton Co IL d. 8/8/1940 Visalia Tulare CA
William Jesse Austion b. 2/6/1872 Macon Co MO d. 1962 Buffalo Harper OK
Richard (Dickey) Austin b. 4/5/1876 Macon MO d. 10/26/1873 MO
Emma Jane Austin b. 8/8/1874 Macon MO d. 2/9/1950 Buffalo Harper OK
Fredrick Clarence Austin b. 2/23/1876 Macon MO d. 1/23/1963 Halstead Harvey Co KS
Evelyn Austin b. 10/29/1877 Macon MO d. 2/12/1940 Atchinson, Atchinson Co KS
Mary Ellen Austin b. 2/9/1879 Macon MO d. 4/4/1965 Buffalo Harper OK
Sarah Austin b. 6/14/1880 Madison KS d. 6/27/1880 Lamont Greenwood Co KS
Lillian Eldora Austin b. 5/17/1881 Madison KS d. 2/3/1957 Gardent City Finney Co KS
Minnie May Austin b. 1/15/1882 Madison KS d. 2/18/1882 Madison KS
Isabelle Austin b. 9/24/1882 Madison Greenwood Co KS d. 6/2/1968 Fredonia Wilson Co KS
John Allen Austin b. 7/8/1884 Madison KS d. 8/29/1967 Woodward OK

I have Jefferson's parents as Alison (Allison) Austin b. 8/27/1812 NY d. 7/18/1878 Linn MO and Mercy Woodered Cazad b 1809 m. 8/17/1848 Fulton Co IL - on sibling Jeremiah Austion b. 12/11/1848 Lewiston Fulton CO Il and d. 10/18/1926 Wichita Sedgwick Co KS
other wives for Alison - Emily Ellis m. 12/2/1871 In Kansas City KS
Anna Eversoll b. 1810 WI, d. bef 1850 m. 2/23/1834 Jo Davis IL
Sarah Ann Totten b. 1820 Fulton IL
i don't have any other children for Alison

Alisons parents John Austin b. 11/16/1787 NY d. 4/6/1859 Lewistown Fulton Co IL and rachel b. 7/3/1795 d. 5/15/1876 Lewiston Fulton CO IL
their children:
Hiram Terry b 12/7/1810 Monrone NY d. 6/8/1901 Rye Pueblo Co CO
Alison b. 8/27/1812 NY d. 7/18/1978 Linn Mo
Russell b. 7/28/1814 NY
Peter b. 11/5/1815 NY d. 8/23/1875
Alvina b. 7/30/1817 NY
Justin b. 3/19/1819 NY
James b. 9/25/1820 NY
Syntha Jane b. 5/17/1822 NY
Jessie b. 1/24/1824 Ny d. 5/26/1885 Macon MO
Elizabeth b. 12/15/1825 NY
Cyrus b. 2/8/1827 NY
Harriet b. 5/10/1828 NY
Almyra b. 1/13/1834 Lewiston Fulton Co IL
William Jasper b. 2/4/1836 Lewistown Fulton Co IL d. 8/26/1863 Peducah MS

I hope we have some connections - I am lost with John Austin in NY

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Thanks - I will work from there.

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you may know but some of these are connected to the harps--harper-cox-duncans--wilson how yet i dont know just started on these and i saw austins also check on line.

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Desn't look we have any direction connnection. I have John Austin born in NY (Monroe CO) in 1787 and died in Lewistonw Fulton CO IL in 1859. No extact children's names match. The closest is William Jaspter born in 1836 in Lewiston IL and died 1863 in Peducha MS.

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LOL Why are Austins so hard to trace?
I have a John Austin also ... in Screven Co. GA.
I am one of 4 genealogist to reach a dead end with him.
I am not sure if he was intentionally trying to hide his past or not.
If he did, he has done a good job.
He showed up in Screven County about 1860.
Each census record shows different things, All show he was born in GA.
One says both parents were born in GA, one says only his dad was.
He married Mary Huff Gordy 20 Jan 1863, Had three children; Ann, Wright and John Canada.
All children but Ann has been located .


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