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I have been working to break a "brick wall" for over 6+ years with my Great-Grandfather Joseph Henri Goulait B@1826-29 and in 2009 had my YDNA tested. In late 2010 I found another Goulet who had tested and on 67 markers we had done --- we matched on all but one marker. I still have not broke my "brick wall" but with this information I traced my match's tree back to Thomas Goulet in France father of Jacques whom came to New France in 1646. As I said I have yet to find the parents of Joseph Henri, but with a lot of searching I hope to solve the puzzle. The match is close enough to say it is highly probable that our (myself and  my match) most recent common relative is 4 to 6 generations back. So YDNA can help in giving a time line to work. In my case of course our surname(s) are on track.

There is also a Goulet surname project on FTDNA, so if there are any Goulet's or variations of the surname interested in joining it may help me and others out there give proof to our genealogy records. Maybe the wrong place to say this, but I have a real belief before I add any thing to my tree that I have proof(birth records, marriage records and the like, that support any suppositions.

Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated!


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I am still awaiting my Y-DNA results. That is good to hear that it can be useful.


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