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Portrait Photos

Publié : 05 novembre 2018, 20:41
par brinnand
I am uploading a Gedcom File from FTM 2017.
All the photos/images upload correctly.
Most of my individuals have a portrait photo on FTM but only a few show up as a portrait photo on my Geneanet Tree against the individuals.
Does anyone else have this problem? If so how did you resolve it?
Also; how do I assign an uploaded photo as a portrait photo for the individual

Re: Portrait Photos

Publié : 06 novembre 2018, 08:22
par jyb
Did you use Geneanet Upload to import your GEDCOM file: ?

Re: Portrait Photos

Publié : 07 novembre 2018, 21:45
par brinnand
Thanks for replying … yes I did use the Geneanet Upload.
The problem I am having that Geneanet seems to decide which jpeg to use for the individual's thumbnail and not the one I assigned in FTM2017. {I am assuming the GEDCOM file does not indicated which image to use for the portrait thumbnail; is that correct?}

Is there a way I can manually change the thumbnail image in Geneanet tree?


Re: Portrait Photos

Publié : 08 novembre 2018, 09:49
par jyb
The portrait thumbnail is the first image found for the individual in the GEDCOM file.

To change a portrait thumbnail, go to the person in the family tree, click "Profile" in the menu bar, then click "Manage media files" in the "Photos and archival records" section.