his grandson is looking for John Montgomery

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his grandson is looking for John Montgomery
John Montgomery American mixed race black father Indian mother probably from Mississippi born around 1925 - 1935
He was a sergeant in the US Army around 1958 - 1960 and was driving gear so theoretically in engineering.
In 1959 1960 served in France to TOUL Meurthe and Moselle near Nancy. He was singer at the mess. He was transferred early 1960 to Germany. Her fiancée of the time after having corresponded with him lost all trace which made him suppose that he would have died with the wiettmann but what would seem not to be the case because it does not appear on the table of the dead of the deceased soldiers In Vietnam.
We know he did not leave French.
Thank you all for your help in our research.
John has just had a great granddaughter, all blond.
It would be interesting for this granddaughter to know her ancestors and to know which tribune her great grandmother belonged to.
Thank you again because it's a challenge for this granddaughter to know her origins.
Patrick DINANT

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As she has American ancestors, we suggest that the granddaughter make some DNA testing at Ancestry.com, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe and/or MyHeritage.
Best wishes,

Jean-Yves BAXTER

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