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Second Site 2.0 build 3

Le 21 mai 2008 par admin

Second Site 2.0 build 3 has been released.

Changes :

• Added the Format.Family Section property to control the creation of family sections for childless spouses; note that this new property does not apply to the Narrative Format. Including childless spouses is not compatible with the Narrative Format’s existing output.
• Added the ability to put subfolders in the Input (-i) folder; see the Folders page.
• Fixed a problem where choosing some languages when creating a new SDF file caused errors.
• Fixed a character-formatting issue for the subject’s lifespan on person pages; some accented characters were not displayed properly; this affected all Formats and so they have all been updated.

• Removed Mark of the Web comment from sites built with the Standard page scripts; users who want to use it can set the Default Layout.Head Script to “Mark of the Web” (see discussion on the Mark of the Web page).
• Changed the alignment of icons added via the Icons facility; the bottom of the image now aligns with the baseline of the text as it did in SS1.
• Fixed a problem where names with apostrophes did not display properly in the Pop-up Pedigree.
• Fixed a problem where some Second Site windows showed only the first 35 entries in the “Button Images” pull-down menu.
• Changed the method used to format User Item descriptions; if SS sees HTML elements in the description, it will assume you have supplied HTML and it will not convert line-breaks to

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