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BREWTON Lockhart, Covington (Alabama, United States) 1925 - 1925
KERSHAW Lockhart, Covington (Alabama, United States) 1925 - 1925
JOSEY Lockhart, Covington County, Al (Alabama, United States) 1977 - 1985
MATTOX Lockhart, Covington County, Al (Alabama, United States) 1973 - 1973
JOSEY Lockhart,Covington County,Al (Alabama, United States) 1977 - 1977
MATTOX Lockhart,Covingtyon Count,Al (Alabama, United States) 1973 - 1973
MCADAMS Lockhart, Covington (Alabama, United States) 1923 - 1923

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The war between the Union and the Confederacy [electronic resource]: and its lost opportunities : with a history of the 15th Alabama Regiment and the forty-eight battles in which it was engaged ... the war between the United States and Spain
Sketch of the Twelfth Alabama Infantry of Battle's Brigade, Rodes' Division, Early's Corps, of the Army of Northern Virginia [electronic resource]

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