Genmod 1.6 beta 1

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Genmod 1.6 beta 1 has been released.

New features:

• Added GEDCOM option to split indi/family lists if longer than specified number.
• Added Greybox interface.
• Added option to set site language for visitors.
• Added check/conversion of locally used month abbreviation for input (mei->MAY).
• Added fix for disabling DB structure changes.
• Added option to display nick in names.
• Added privacy to find.php.
• Added object structure for privacy settings.

• Added upgrade script for DB after 1.5F.
• Added source citation to user-gedcom sync data.
• Added Sanity check option to check for facts without source citation.
• Added select all users link in userlist page.
• Added link to/display of username on individual page.
• Added full use of user class.
• Added privacy cache for efficient privacy checking.
• Added new structure of Privacy options page.
• Added linktype to MM-mapping table to eliminate table scans.
• Added Source links table to eliminate table scans.
• Added Privacy option for dead people.
• Added Privacy option by linked records.
• Added Import emergency syslog.
• Added 1.5F Level 1 RESN tag support missing.
• Added Add/edit link in help popups.


• Fixed page style of Sanity check.
• Fixed reordered menu options in useradmin.
• Fixed cannot search short Polish names.
• Fixed miscalculation in mb stringlength for search.
• Fixed find doesn’t sort sources and objects.
• Fixed naming of step/adoptive siblings on individual page.
• Fixed QuickUpdate forgets marriage of new parents.
• Fixed media detail link always misses if Keep links set to no.
• Fixed person counters in aliveinyear.
• Fixed flaw in privatization for download and clippings.
• Fixed Layout issues in fact printing.
• Fixed Quick Update strips source/resn tags from phone/address fields.
• Fixed PHON tag not included in person add facts.
• Fixed useradmin userlist performs mass update on enter.
• Fixed POST parameters don’t appear in logfile.
• Fixed OBJE pointer subrecords don’t get imported.
• Fixed deleted individual facts show up as new value.
• Fixed family headers on individual page don’t translate chinese.
• Fixed JS errors in find.php.
• Fixed useradmin namefilter is gone after delete user.
• Fixed default privacy is not loaded on privacy reload.
• Fixed automated handling of Y value for tags MAR, DIV, BIRT, DEAT.
• Fixed fact value “Yes” not printed after source citation is added.
• Fixed raw update updates even if nothing changed.
• Fixed Useradmin links should show left.
• Fixed user id’s cleanup after gedcom is deleted permanently.
• Fixed privacy for favorites menu.
• Fixed 1.5F Relationship empty boxes.
• Fixed 1.5F New spouse marriage place doesn’t stick.
• Fixed 1.5F Cannot enter 0 children for marriage.
• Fixed 1.5F Deleted fact also shows new (empty) value.
• Fixed 1.5F Source citation shows empty line.
• Fixed 1.5F User privacy has odd options.
• Fixed 1.5F Error in familybook.
• Fixed 1.5F Admin msg incorrect.
• Fixed 1.5F wrong email FROM address.
• Fixed 1.5F Mass update doesn’t update all.
• Fixed 1.5F Sync user with his ID problems.
• Fixed 1.5F Sort order in todays events.
• Fixed 1.5F Upper/lowercase ID problems.
• Fixed 1.5F references to priv.php files in help.
• Fixed 1.5F Generating thumb on page error.
• Fixed Meta keywords field size.
• Fixed 1.5F edit GEDCOMs layout issue.
• Fixed consistency of source, media, notes tabs and options.
• Fixed error on import of married names.

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