Reunion 9.04

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Reunion 9.04 has been released.

Changes and fixes :

• Index performance – The Index opens much faster with huge family files.
• Index search box – performance improvement when typing letters into the search box of an Index with huge family files.
• New Feature – Control-click (or right-click) events or facts in the Edit Person or Edit Family window to add other events/facts of the same type or recently added types.
• New Feature – multimedia items can be dragged/dropped into the Source List.
• Lists – the appearance of entries that are too long to fit in a column has been improved. In OS X 10.4, longer entries will appear first with squished text and then with elipsis, ala the Finder. In OS 10.3.9, longer entries truncated letter-by-letter.

• Dates – in 9.04, when your Date Preferences / Format is not ISO, an entry of 1711/12 will invoke the custom date window. If you’re Date Preferences / Format is set to ISO, then 1711/12 will be interpreted as 1711-12.
• Marking – fixed a problem where adding spouses from the Index or the Clipboard would unmark all people.
• Ahnentafel reports – fixed a problem where larger numbers had omitted zeros.
• Charts – leading is properly preserved when choosing Save Default Box Attributes or Save Default Text Attributes.
• Charts – selecting a line object is easier.
• Charts – the setting for “Automatically move boxes off page break” is retained.
• Child buttons – prefix titles no longer appear on child buttons.
• Child buttons – when there’s not enough room for all children to appear, the last button (with a pop-up menu) works properly now.
• Citations – extra period is removed when the detail field already includes a period.
• Closing windows – the Escape key will close: About Reunion, Overview, Manual, and Clipboard windows.
• Cross-platform – fixed a startup problem after using Apple’s Migration Assistant when moving from PPC to Intel or vice versa.
• CSS – improvement to the appearance of citations in the “Default” CSS web style.
• CSS – person sheets, single people, position of “Unmarried” text improved.
• Date Preferences / Feasibility – values no longer change when crossing platforms.
• Edit person window – clicking into fields is faster and more efficient.
• Event Sorting – Edit Person window… some intelligence added to the Sort button for handling birth/death/burial fields with no dates.
• Family card – clicking husb/wife ID number on family card now puts the correct default ID into the Find window.
• Family card – fixed an appearance problem with smaller monitors when the Dock was at the bottom.
• Family card view – note field scroll bar: fixed an obscure problem where the scroll bar position wasn’t updated correctly.
• Family card view – fixed the display of ‘Other Children’ field where ‘No Children’ was checked.
• Find Anything – fixed problem searching for text in the ‘Multimedia File Name’ field.
• Find Anything – searching in notes consumes less memory.
• GEDCOM Export – fixed a problem exporting adjacent source citations in note fields.
• GEDCOM Export – fixed name formatting problems with privacy filtering.
• GEDCOM Export – speed improvement when including links to multimedia items.
• GEDCOM Import – performance improvement and less memory used.
• Ibids – fixed problem where extra ibids were created when the citation detail field contained extended ASCII characters.
• Inital Caps button – words ending with ’s no longer are changed to an uppercase S.
• Manual printing – fixed clipping at top/bottom of pages.
• Match and Merge People window – Next button now works properly.
• Multimedia – dragging thumbnail from the Multimedia window to child buttons will no longer set two pictures as preferred.
• Note fields – fixed a problem where copying a block of notes with duplicate source citations numbers resulted in misnumbering.
• Note fields – pasted formatted text is properly stripped (background colors, alignment, etc.).
• Pedigree charts, “Limit to one page” option – improvements to ensure that the charts fit on one page.
• Print Preview window – after printing, the buttons for Prev/Next page now work properly.
• Reminders – added the “day” to the white rows when date preferences is set to 1980-01-28
• Reminders – fixed cross-platform issue where the number of days / Today button settings were changed.
• Reminders – width of first column in Reminders window is now retained after closing and reopening.
• Source citations – copy/paste of general source citations are saved properly.
• Speed Names – added a warning message when the Clear button is clicked.
• Speed Names – fixed a problem with the Duplicate button.
• Speed Names – now works properly in the Edit Marriage sheet.

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