Ancestral Quest 14.16 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Sources: On the Review/Sync Family screen, you can now see all sources for couples from both Family Tree and your local file. You can also exchange these sources between your personal file and the couple records of Family Tree.
• Change History: A new link on the Review/Sync Individual screen allows you to see all changes that have been made to a person record in Family Tree. Also, if you are examining the details of any fact, you will be able to see the changes made to just that fact, and have an option to restore older facts.
• Review/Sync Individual Screen: Several buttons were moved from the bottom of the screen to a menu bar near the top of the screen to improve readability of this screen. Also, the "Select Family Tree" button was renamed to be an "Import from nFS" link to better reflect its current use.
• Notes: You can now view notes from Family Tree on the Review/Sync Individual screen, and a Notes button allows you to exchange notes between your personal records and the records of Family Tree.

Arlington National Cemetery Explorer (Applications pour mobiles - Mobile - Freeware)

• Updated search capability and bug fixes.

Brother's Keeper 6.6.11 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• New: The Indented Book report will print the parents of the starting person.
• Changed: For Group Sheet HTML output, make more space for pictures of child.
• Fixed a problem on the Descendant Marriage Record report if the spouse had [ ] in the name.
• Also fixed some problems when finding Carriage Returns in source Title, Author, Abbreviation, or Page fields for gedcom export.

Family Get-To-Gether (Applications pour mobiles - Mobile - Purchase)

• Miscellaneous quality enhancements.

Legacy Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• FamilySearch - Added Merging.
• FamilySearch - Added Discussions.
• FamilySearch - Working on Sources still and once this is done we will have full FamilySearch Tree Share+ Certification.

MacFamilyTree 7.1.2 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Custom background images for several website themes.
• Choose from different fonts in many website themes.
• Browser compatibility improved when exporting websites.
• FTP upload speed greatly improved.
• New options for global search & replace added.
• And much more.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0.14 (Applications pour mobiles - Mobile - Purchase)

• FamilySearch issue displaying parents in the comparison view fixed.