Family Get-To-Gether 1.1.5 (Applications pour mobiles - Mobile - Purchase)

• Spanish language is added.
• Enhanced GEDCOM files import (larger files are now supported).
• Unicode support for GEDCOM files export.
• Miscellaneous enhancements.

GEDCOM Validator (GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware)

• Small number of minor fixes, improvements and documentation corrections.

iFamily for Leopard 2.888 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• OSX 10.9 Mavericks Compatibility.
• Repaired Depersonalization of Marriage events when exported to GEDCOM.
• Database Compare: Introduced new error traps to search routines, Repaired comparison bug in Compare_Person routine, Repaired comparison bug in Compare_Personal_Events routine.

My Family Tree (Full Featured - Windows - Freeware)

• Small number of improvements and minor fixes.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2013 build 131023 (Family Books - Windows - Shareware)

• Improved: Maximum number of ancestral generations increased fro 180 to 200.
• Fixed: Hyperlinking errors which were linking to maternal ancestry sections instead of to maps.
• Fixed: In certain situations the round-up logic could cause an unexpected program error.

The Family Tree of Family for Android 1.8.9 (Applications pour mobiles - Mobile - Purchase)

• Update Import GEDCOM.

TreeDraw 4.1.2 (Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Shareware)

• Fixes problems using Undo/Redo.
• Fixes crashes in charts which have joined lines.

WP Family Tree for WordPress 1.0.4 (Web Publishing - Windows, Mac, Linux - Freeware)

• Bug fix: Added jquery to list of included scripts.