Ancestral Quest 14.12 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Added a Merge capability for merging records on Family Tree.
• Converted the feature which reads and updates Discussions on FamilySearch to directly work with Family Tree rather than New.FamilySearch.

Arlington National Cemetery Explorer 1.0.4 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Bug Fixes.
• Improved Stability.
• Enhanced iPhone 5 compatibility.
• Improved iPad support.
• Pan/Zoom for POI images.

Discover Your Ancestors 4.9.26 (Mobile - Purchase)

• iPhone 5 optimization.
• Memory fix on larger issue downloads.
• Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

LiveHistory 1.1 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Forecasting of unknown dates.
• Consistency Guidance.

MacFamilyTree 7.0.3 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Importing and exporting GEDCOM files improved.
• Localization improvements.
• Fixed crash when adding notes to events.
• Sorting events by date fixed when viewing places.
• Login issues to FamilySearch fixed.
• Performance enhancements for larger databases.
• Other stability improvements.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0.3 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Importing and exporting GEDCOM files improved.
• Stability improvements, especially when using FamilySearch.
• Errors handling associated persons, like godparents, corrected.
• Localization improvements.

RootsMagic (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed: A bug which could cause an "Abstract Error" when adding a new person to FamilySearch.

TreeDraw 4.1.1 (Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Shareware)

• Fixed: Italic text elements were wrapping before the last word when they should have been single-line.
• Fixed: Word-wrapped text elements sometimes wrapped differently when in edit mode.
• Fixed: If linked databases are missing these are now reported summarized after an "Update text" operation.