Behold 1.0.5 (GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Purchase)

• Add an "Ancestral Loops" section to the Everything Report just before the File Information, to display all the loops and all the people in them parent to child with birth and death dates and messages that will help identify and fix the problem. There must be at least one loop for the section to display.
• Enlarge the Find Files file reading buffer that reads the HEAD record from 512 bytes to 2048 bytes so that less information from longer HEAD sections gets missed.
• Provide a message when there are extra spaces in the GEDCOM between date parts.
• Add option to not display an individual's sources sorted by source title, but to instead display them in the order they were in the GEDCOM file - requested by user Nick Jackson.

GedStar Pro 4.4.7 (Other Tools - Windows - Purchase)

• Support database changes in Legacy Family Tree V8.x. Earlier versions of GedStar will crash when converting an 8.x database.
• Workaround for changes in roles that were introduced in TMG V8.07. Basic roles should appear correctly, but user-defined roles will not be displayed.

GRAMPS 3.4.5 (Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source)

• Ability to keep custom filename on output.
• Book report: Sub reports forget/overwrite their settings when trying to re-configure them.
• End of Line Report options window – changing Output Format cause change active tab to “report options”.
• Various updated translations: de, es, fr, nb, nl, pl, sk.

MacFamilyTree 7.0 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• New User Interface.
• iCloud support.
• Rewritten FamilySearch integration.
• New Edit Mode.
• New Virtual Globe.
• New Virtual Tree.
• New Name Distribution Chart.
• New Plausibility Report.
• Support for Associated Persons.
• GEDCOM Import and Export vastly improved.
• Improved Source editing.
• Source Repositories.
• New Backup Manager.
• Countless bug fixes and smaller improvements.

MobileFamilyTree 7.0 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Incorporation of iCloud that enables you to sync your family trees on all iCloud-capable devices.
• More streamlined and modern interface.
• New reports.
• Better FamilySearch integration.