Click the 'Match' button in the 'Match Family Tree' section of the GeneaNet home page.

Or pass your mouse over the 'Search' tab then click 'Online Family Trees'.

Club Privilege members can automatically match all individuals in their family tree with the entire GeneaNet database. Click the 'Match' button in the 'Search by Individual' section.

Select 'Search for new ancestors' then click 'OK' or select the Advanced mode to get full access to all settings.

Search applies to the first individual in the result box (bold text). In our example, 2 matches have been found for Susanna Leech.

Click the button to view the matches (This will open a new page or tab, depending on your browser).

The search stops when matches are found. Click the 'More Results' button to continue the search.

Search is saved so your can resume it later even if you quit the page and if you have logged out from GeneaNet. Just click this button to resume the search.