Agelong Tree 4.6 (Full Featured - Windows - Shareware)

• If the tree is too big for saving as one image into one file, Agelong Tree automatically divides the image into equal parts and saves it into several files.
• When the tree is saved as an image, the half-filled pages are saved sized as the other pages.
• In the tree preview window it is possible to choose large page formats, even those that are not supported by a default printer.
• It is possible to choose a type of the tree and a lineage list type on the "Persons" tab before building them.

Brother's Keeper 6.6.8 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• If you pick Lists, Locations, and then Print, there is a new option to show the Latitude and Longitude fields for locations.
• Fixed a problem where going to the Edit screen would cause an error for very large monitors.
• Fixed a problem with gedcom import if the gedcom file had a Source that had a Media field of Tombstone, it would show as Photo.
• Fixed a problem where sometimes a gedcom export of notes would cause problems in the rare case of a note that had a line feed without a carriage return.

GedTreeFree 0.9.11 (Mobile - Freeware)

• The number of generations shown is now configurable.
• Different codecs supported (UTF-8, ASCII, Latin_1, Ansel).
• GEDCOM files can now be opened with the internal file browser too.

MacFamilyTree 6.3.8 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Hungarian Localization fixed.
• GEDCOM importer now correctly imports notes associated with media.
• Several stability improvements.

Reunion 10.0.6 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Sources list - fixed a problem when using the ≠ character to find populated fields.
• Date feasibility - fixed a problem where date feasibility checking was not working when a new parent was added.
• Reports - fixed a problem when creating reports with notes containing double-chevron characters.
• Reports - fixed a text styling bug in RTF reports.
• Register and Ahnentafel reports - fixed a capitalization problem when a date modifier began a sentence.
• And much more.

Second Site 5.0 Build 3 (Web Publishing - Windows - Purchase)

• Fixed a bug where Body Tags.Detail Format=Raw Data didn't work properly in the Grid and Three Columns Formats.
• Fixed an issue where the Family Explorer icon didn't work properly when using Site.HTML Format=XHTML.
• Fixed two bugs where a Search Form caused an error 91, "object not set", during the Make Site process.