The GeneaNet search results list will now look like this:

Pagination is now shown at the top right and at the bottom right of the search results list, and links have been changed to buttons.

Username is not clickable anymore. When passing their mouse over, Club Privilege members can view information about the GeneaNet member, and date and place of birth/baptism and death/burial of the main individual in the row.

The tree icon is now clickable for everyone. Club Privilege members will be automatically redirected to the page of the individual in the family tree while non Club Privilege members will be redirected to the member's Contact Page.

Styling of the 'Create a new Individual Alert' link has been changed to make it easier to access.

Email Alert

When you click a link in your Email Alert, a warning sign will now be shown on the tree icon if the GeneaNet member has changed data or deleted their family tree.