GRAMPS 4.0.0-alpha4 (Full Featured - Linux - Freeware/Open Source)

• Impovements on installer.
• Better version handling with svn version support.
• Fix some OS and dependencies issues.
• Optional close button on gramplet bar tabs.
• Gramplets view becomes Dashboard.
• Add private column to views.

Reunion for iPhone & iPod Touch 2.0.1 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Optimized graphics for Retina displays.
• Optimized design takes advantage of the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod Touch.
• Identify and list relatives/relationships for anyone in the family file.
• Search for places and display a list of people whose records include an event with a place.
• The new Recent button provides a handy shortcut to quickly return to the most recent list or view.
• Use your device's camera to take pictures and link them to people in your family file.

The Family Tree of Family for Android 1.6.6 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Update translator.