Brother's Keeper 6.6.6 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• New field 49 on Custom Lists for 'Age when married'.
• Ancestor chart did not have color in generation 6 on the printed 6 generation chart. Fixed.
• Descendant chart when making RTF file after the words [children of X and Y] it did not have carriage return so child was not on next line. (RTF only). Fixed.

GedStar Pro for Android 2.4.2 (Mobile - Freeware)

• Show the Action Bar on all devices running Android 3.0 and later.
• Fix some bugs introduced in V2.4.1

MacFamilyTree 6.3.5 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Performance enhanced.
• Localization updates.
• Fixed wrong saved charts/saved reports counter.
• Auto updater fixed.

Reunion 10.0.5 (Full Featured - Mac - Purchase)

• Contact information is now synced to the latest version of Reunion for iPhone (version 2.0).
• Reunion 10 will import/export all contact information from/to GEDCOM files.
• File -> Save a Backup Copy now saves the Find Presets.
• Reunion 10 will properly import contact information from GEDCOM files created by Reunion 9.
• Fixed a problem where the sorting options for people were appearing for couples.
And more

The Complete Genealogy Builder 2013 build 130121 (Full Featured - Windows - Shareware)

• Fixed: Detailed address data not saved when there is no street address (e.g., if only an email or telephone is specified).
• Fixed: Display of incorrect birth/death years when an invalid date format is used (in which cases the year is now displayed as blank).
• Improved: Validation process for "Event Date Formats". More recommendations are offered and the list is now multi-select for acceptance of groups of recommendations.

The Complete Genealogy Reporter 2013 build 130121 (Family Books - Windows - Shareware)

• Fixed: Overlapping texts in Front Page layout when Landscape report format is specified.
• Improved: Minimize button is now included in the top right of the main window.
• Improved: Date parser will now appropriately interpret dates expressed as, for example, "1877-4-17".

The Family Tree of Family for Android 1.6.5 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Update translator.

TreeDraw 4.0.5 (Charts and Diagrams - Windows - Shareware)

• Importing a chart with a blank import format resulted in a "List index out of bounds" error. Fixed.
• Import formats can no longer be blank. Fixed.
• Changing the Windows regional number format caused a floating-point error when starting TreeDraw. Fixed.