Brother's Keeper 6.6.5 (Full Featured - Windows - Purchase)

• Changed: Two ways to print Location Notes on Group sheet. One way prints the location name before printing the note.
• Fixed a problem of 'overflow' if you picked Location Notes on group sheet and you have a large database.
• Fixed: The Ancestor Chart was missing the Option for displaying 5 instead of 6 generations (Missing since version 6.6.3).

Family Get-To-Gether (Mobile - Purchase)

• Enhanced member profile (relatives) page layout for Android 4.0+.

FamViewer 2.7 (Mobile - Purchase)

• Now supports iPhone5.
• Now supports iOS 6.
• Bug fixes.

Second Site 4.3 Build 2 (Web Publishing - Windows - Purchase)

• Adjusted CSS styles to remove support for browser-specific versions of the border-radius and box-shadow parameters; the official parameters are now supported in the heavily-used versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
• Fixed a bug where Second Site crashed while executing the Publish command.
• Adjusted role label handling to avoid incorrect roles for Name tags and duplicate role labels when showing Virtual Witness tags.

VGedX 1.11 (GEDCOM Tools - Windows - Freeware)

• Fixed some build enumerations. This only effects building test files.
• Fixed LDS Date Status record to expect a DATE field, not a CHANge DATE field.
• Removed continuation tags from the HEADer COPRight Notice record.
• Added an option to removed all unparsed record fields from processing to reduce log bloat.