New Display Options

Go to 'Online Family Tree > Presentation & Browsing > Data > Advanced' to access some new display options:

- Display day of week in events date: Select 'Display' to add the day of week to the date of events on the family tree pages.
- Add an icon to identify Sosa-Stradonitz (Ahnentafel) numbered individuals on family tree pages: An icon can be automatically displayed on your family tree pages to easily identify your direct line of ancestors.
- Display individual in the list of siblings: All of the known siblings are displayed on the page of an individual. Select 'Display' to add the individual itself to the list of siblings.

'Edit' Menu

The 'Edit' menu – at the top right of your family tree pages – now contains options to easily edit your genealogy data:

New 'Edit Individual' Icon

Click the new wrench icon to quickly edit the individual:

History of Updates

This option is very useful if you have a collaborative family tree. A new 'Archive' section has been added to view the history of uploaded and deleted pictures. Click the 'History of Updates' link in the left sidebar:

Auto-filled 'Archival Record' Upload Form

When uploading a new Archival Record to your family tree, the form is now auto-filled with your genealoy data: