Menu 'Online Family Tree > Configure'

The 'Online Family Tree > Configure' and 'Online Family Tree > Privacy' menus have changed:

- 'Privacy > Living Individuals" has been moved to 'Configure > Privacy'
- 'Configure > Places not Mapped', 'Configure > Access Rights' and 'Configure > Surname Prefix' have been moved to 'Configure > Other'
- 'Configure > Family Tree Root' is now 'Configure > Family Tree Root & Owner'

Family Tree Owner

If you are not the root of your family tree, you can select your name here. This option will be used in some future new features.

Information to be displayed in your Online Family Tree

You can now access this information from 'Online Family Tree > Configure > Other > Data':

And from 'Online Family Tree > Presentation & Browsing > Data > Advanced':

'Quick Access' section

The number of attached archival records & pictures in your family tree has been added to the 'Quick Access' section:

New 'View Online Family Tree' link

A new link has been added to the 'My GeneaNet' menu to easily and quickly access your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb):

The same in the 'Online Family Tree' tab: