• Changed the interface for Item List properties (User Items, Tag Groups, Flag Events, Icon Flags, and Web Fonts); the list now expands to fill the content pane of the main window, and commands to manipulate the items are in the Edit menu and also in buttons below the list.
• Added support for the ieSpell Internet Explorer extension; if ieSpell is installed in Internet Explorer, the HTML Editor will include an on-demand spell checker available through a button on the toolbar.


• Updated JavaScript to use new versions of jQuery (v1.7.2) and related libraries.
• Added tag label translations for longer TMG v8 variations such as "Father-Biological" to "Father".
• Changed Language.Site Language and Language.Sentence Language to use TMG's language names.
• Changed the name of the Language.Default to English property to Language.Default to English (U.S.) to make the name more precise.
• Changed the sentence processor to handle more cases of troubling punctuation: if SS finds ", ;" (comma-space-semicolon) and other similar constructs of consecutive punction characters separated by a space, it will delete the first punctuation character and the space.
• Added limited support for the FCAP printer code; it will work in sentence structures where the embedded content is not formatted, i.e., [FCAP:][RS:rolename][:FCAP] will work, but [FCAP:][ITAL:][RS:rolename][:ITAL][:FCAP] will not.


• Fixed a formatting problem where a compound date (e.g., "date1 or date2") would appear as "1958 or 1958" if the date format was set to years only and the years in the two dates were the same.
• Fixed a bug where embedded citations in exhibit captions corrupted citation references on person pages.
• Fixed a bug where some entries in the popup pedigree would have incorrect links when Use Person Page Groups was checked.
• Fixed a bug where the escape character was not processed properly when used in the SS-LINK-TEXT exhibit code.
• Fixed a bug where the Map User Item filter operators "Is Empty" and "Is Not Empty" were not working.
• Fixed a bug where Map User Item filters that referenced "L10 - Temple" were not working properly.
• Fixed a bug where the Family History Hosting > Publish command uploaded all files after a Daylight Savings Time change even if the files had not changed.