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Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• Forms - Added two new census forms for the new 1940 census.
• FamilySearch - New Auto Match feature. Runs through everyone to automatically link them to matches on new FamilySearch.
• FamilySearch - Auto Match individuals are assigned Yellow Arrows to signify they were Auto Matched.
• FamilySearch - Added Auto Match icon to Legend.
• FamilySearch - Added a new person information bar above the tabs.
• FamilySearch - Added filter actions to manage your filtered list- lots of small bugs.
• FamilySearch - Added Gender coloring in individual list.
• FamilySearch - Added the feature to copy marriage events.
• Descendant View - Direct Line ancestors are now bolded like they are on other lists.
• Create Web Pages - Added a new option on the Misc. tab to include custom HTML or Script to the section of each document.
• Information Screen - Rearranged toolbar icons to match Family View order.
• Some fixes.