1. Create your Online Family Tree

Click ‘Build your Online Family Tree’ in the ‘Online Family Tree’ tab.

Then select your privacy options and your Online Family Tree will be created in seconds.

An individual has been automatically created with your full name but you can change it.

In the left sidebar, you will find links to the list of the individuals in your family tree and to advanced options.

2. Update your Online Family Tree

You can view and edit your Online Family Tree in full screen mode:

When a family is not entirely displayed on the screen, a green cross is displayed at the top right of the individual and you just have to click the ‘target’ icon to extend the family:

You can use the quick edit mode to add individuals in your family tree:

or the extended edit mode to enter every known information about the individual and its family:

3. Auto-Completion Feature

Every place name you enter is saved and listed in the auto-completion feature the next time you start to type that name again:

4. List of Individuals

You can easily list and search the individuals in your Online Family Tree:

5. Advanced Options

You can view and edit the dictionnary of the place names, map your family tree, write your family history and delete your Online Family Tree: