• Name List: If you searched for a person while on the Name List view, then immediately switched to a different view, the person you just searched for would not be the primary person in the new view. Fixed.
• Advanced Filtering: AQ's field filter did not properly find individuals when you set up a filter with "Sources (All) Does Not Exist." Fixed.
• Confidential Relationships: If you marked a man or woman as "Confidential" and also marked the relationship as confidential, the other partner should not have been treated as confidential. In some cases, this was not working properly. Fixed.
• Published Family Book Index: In some cases, the index enties from one page of the index would repeat themselves on the next page. Fixed.
• Translations: AQ was not properly changing some non-English characters from upper case to lower case, and visa versa. As a result entry of dates with umlauts were not working, and there were some other sorting issues. Fixed.
• Translations: If a translator tried to translate the source type descriptors, they were unable to get a good translation. Fixed.