Select the ‘Uploads > Pictures’ item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen to add, edit and delete old postcards:

Geolocate your postcards

Click the 'Postcards' tab, then click the 'Update' icon in the last column of the list:

Enter a country, region, subregion/county, city/town, and a street address, then click 'Apply location' to preview the location on the map.

Click the 'OK' button below the map and your postcard is now geolocated on Google Maps:

View the nearby pictures

When you are viewing an old postcard, click the 'Target' icon next to the street address to open Google Maps:

Click the link 'View the nearby pictures' at the top of the map:

The map shows the pictures within the 10 km from the site in question:

And you can also view pictures of places where your ancestors lived then and now with Google Street View!