Select the 'Individual Search' option then enter a surname and a first name:

If needed, use the search form in the right sidebar to add more search criteria, then click 'Create a new Individual Alert' at the bottom of the search results list:

Go to 'My GeneaNet > Favorite Searches > Individual Alerts' to edit and delete your 'Individual Alerts':

If you didn't create any 'Individual Alert' yet, you can automatically convert all of your current 'Favorite Searches' to 'Individual Alerts':

Simply add some search criteria to refine your 'Individual Alert' or click the 'Delete' link at the bottom of the form to remove it from the list (if the 'Email Alert' option is not selected, the search will not appear in the email that aggregates the latest entries):

The 'Individual Alert' is reserved for GeneaNet Club Privilege members. You can click the button below to subscribe: