1. Username & Password

- Create an account:

When creating a new GeneaNet account, you can pick one of the suggested usernames or enter a username that is not yet registered.

After your username has been accepted by the system, you will be asked to provide a password. Your password must be as secure as possible but easy to remember.

- Change your username:

You can’t change your GeneaNet username. If you really need to use a new username, you must create a new GeneaNet account, then copy your data and media files (archival records, family pictures, etc.) from your current account to the new one, and delete the from now on unused account. Note that the Club Privilege membership can’t be transferred.

- Change your password:

Select the ‘Account’ item in the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

Then select the ‘Password’ item in the left sidebar to change your password:

2. Multiple accounts

You can create as many GeneaNet accounts as you want for free.

Note that the Club Privilege membership is attached to a GeneaNet account and not to a person. To take advantage of the Club Privilege services and features when using multiple GeneaNet accounts, you may select your main account to subscribe to the GeneaNet Club Privilege.

3. Forgot password?

Click ‘Forgot Password’ at the top right of the screen:

Then enter your username or your registered email address to receive a message with your account information. If you are using multiple accounts with the same registered email address, all of your accounts will be mentioned in the message.

4. Search members

Select the ‘Search Member’ option in the ‘Community’ tab to search for GeneaNet members:

You can search members by their name, username and email address:

5. Connection problems

Most of connection problems are related to your web browser configuration. Make sure that your browser is configured to accept cookies.