Then you can update your profile, change your password and configure your preferences from the left sidebar.

The public information will be displayed on your Contact Page to help other members to contact you.

1. Profile

Your profile contains your full name, your postal address, your email address and your picture (file format: jpg, file size: 200 KB max).

This information can be made private (other GeneaNet members will never see it) or public (will be displayed on your Contact Page).

Your email address will be displayed as an image file so robots and spammers cannot read it.

Your date of birth, occupation and phone number are optional and they will never be shown to other GeneaNet members.

You can delete your GeneaNet account at any time by clicking the ‘Delete Account’ link at the bottom of this page (if you are a Club Privilege member or if you have purchased some Pack of Points, you must send a postal letter to ask for the deletion of your account).

2. Preferences

- Preferences: This information will be displayed on your Contact Page to let other members know what is your genealogy profile (genealogy software, personal interests, personal website and description of your family tree). The Default Country Code will be applied to improve your searches in the GeneaNet database.

- Favorite Names: The most popular surnames in your family tree will be displayed as a Tag Cloud on your Contact Page (see illustration). You can configure this Tag Cloud by adding and removing names.

- Favorite Places and Excluded Accounts: These search preferences are reserved for Club Privilege members. Read this note for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my GeneaNet username?

You can’t change your GeneaNet username. If you really need to use a new username, you must create a new GeneaNet account, then copy your data and media files (archival records, family pictures, etc.) from your current account to the new one, and delete the from now on unused account. Note that the Club Privilege membership can’t be transferred.

I have deleted my GeneaNet account and I can’t create a new one with the same username.

Your username is now blocked for one year to avoid identity theft.

What is the url of my Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb)?

The url of your Public Online Family Tree (GeneWeb) is where ‘username’ is your GeneaNet username. Url has the same format for every GeneaNet member.