Upload an Index

Go to 'My GeneaNet : Uploads : Indexes' then click 'Upload an Index' at the top left of the screen, or simply go to http://my.geneanet.org/dep/insert/form_envoi.php.

Create a delimited CSV text file with your data, then fill in the form as shown below:

Note: A date is a three-part value (year, month and day) and a name is a two-part value (surname and first names). Maximum file size is 10 MB.

You will then be asked for the separator used in your CSV file and if the first line of your file contains the name of the fields.

Then, you must select the type and the name of every field in your CSV file. Select the 'Hide' option to avoid some fields to be displayed in the index.

Manage your Indexes

Select an index in the list as shown below:
You can change the description of the index, update the index by uploading a new file, download the index, and view the index. You can also delete the index at any time.