Select the 'Search > Individual Search' menu item in the left sidebar or simply go to

Select the option 'Alternate Spelling' to search by variant of name and first name.

When a person has many first names you can search the database for all the persons who have the same first names (Exact Match) or you can search for the persons who have at least one of the first names (One of the Names).

If you want to restrain your search to some places or to the most popular places in your Family Tree, you can define a list of 'Favorite Places'.

The search results list can be displayed with or without the name of the spouse (option 'Show Spouse').

Click on the 'Tree' icon to view the family tree. A blue star icon means that the listed individual is a direct line ancestor of the Online Family Tree owner.

Place your mouse over the name of an individual to show some additional information (date of birth/baptism, date of death/burial, occupation).

You can easily edit your search by using the form at the right side of the search results list.

We hope that the 'Individual Search' will help you find many new ancestors!